Transcript of Eleanor Blanche Tempest’s Tempest Pedigrees

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[Penciled note: John B. ba. September 1562]

vi. Alice (164) daughter of Nicholas Tempest bapt: at Dews­bury 16 February 1545-6 (Parish Reg). She is not named in her father's will of 25 December 1570, so probably died young (E.B.T.).

vii. Anne (165) bapt. at Dewsbury, 1 April 1549 (Par: Reg:). Nicholas Tempest in his will December 1570 left to my daughter Anne Tempest £100 for her child's portion to be paid the day of marriage (York Reg:). Believed to be the "soror Rob'ti Tempest de Bracewell" who wed James

Tempest of The Rayne and to be mother to "Bridgett, d. of James Tempest of the Raine", bapt at Thornton in Craven 16 January 1572-3 (Par: Reg:). She possibly died soon after (E.B.T.). James Tempest in his will 22 June 1590 names wife Dorothy, and leaves the guardianship of daughter Bridget to Robert Tempest, Laurence Lister, Steph: Tempest & Edward Braddll esqrs: (Browsholme MSS, Miscell: Charter A. The Rayne, No. 4).

viii. Margery (166), Nicholas Tempest in his will 25 December 1570 left £100 to my daughter Margery Tempest for her portion to be paid on the day of her marriage (York Reg:). She wed before 1584, Gregory Waterhouse of Sydall and had 10 children then living (Glover's Visita: of Yorks 1585, sub: Waterhouse of Halifax). Query ? Robert son of Gregory Waterhouse bapt: at Halifax 30 July 1555 and Nicholas son of same Gregory bapt 10 November 1556, Robert Tempest being a godfather (Halifax Par: Reg:).

XVI. Robert Tempest (159) of Bracewell, Waddington and Bolling esq., born about 1539. At Easter 1562, he was deforciant in a fine of land in Bradford against Robert clerkson (Yorks Fines [Y. Rec: Soc:] vol. 1, p.262). The 15 June 1562 Robert Tem­pest of Heskett (in Bracewell parish) joined his brother Rich­ard Tempest in a guarantee to John Batte of Birstall against disturbance in 30 acres of land in Tong, adjoining Rycroft on the east, and the road between Bradford and Adwalton on the west etc. and the 20 June 4 Elizabeth, as Robert Tempest of Wadland, he joined his father Nicholas in conveying this land to Henry Batte for 100 marks (Tong Hall Deeds). He was named in the entail of the manors of Bracewell etc., by his uncle Sir John Tempest, 31 July 1562, to succeed to the family estates, in failure of male issue of his brother Richard (Sir J° Tempest's Inq: p.m., Chanc: Inq: p.m., 8 Elizabeth, No. 191). At Easter 1564, he and Alexander Rushworth were deforciants in a fine of two messuages etc: in Bradford and Horton against John Myge 

To grant of rent in Bowling 9 Oct 1577, penes ACT

of Heskith (in Bracewell. To grant of premises [?] in Tong 20 June 4 Eliz deed at Tong


ley (York Fines, vol. 1, p.292). In October 1564, being then of Badlands, gent., he was sued by John Dighton of Woddesome, gent., Robert Tempest having 21 September 1563 at Woddesome bound himself in £80 to make a good estate of the reversion, on the death of his father Nicholas Tempest, of the close called "Bradford Close", now divided into 13 closes, in Bradford (Common Plea Ro: Mich: 6 & 7 Elizabeth [600 to 1200] m.1004d). At Easter 1565, he was plaintiff in a fine of 5 messuages &c. in Bradford and Little Horton, ag­ainst Alexander Rushworth; and at the same time deforciant in a fine of 2 messuages and land in Bradford against James Walker, John Mygeley and George Craven (Yorks Fines, vol. 1, pp.306 & 304). In January 1565-6, Robert Tempest, with his father, Nicholas, defended their title to the manor of Wadlands, as part of the inheritance of Rosamund Bolling the daughter and heir of Tristram Bolling, and their ancestress, against Thomas son of Christopher Bowlinge, son of Austin Bowlinge (Chanc: B & A Series 2, Elizabeth Bdle 26, No. 7, mm. 1-2 etc.). The 22 November 1566, Robert Tempest joined his father and brother Richard in confirming a grant of waste land in Clayton made by the late Sir John Tempest to Thomas Awmbler and Thomas Blakye (Deed Penes Mrs Midgeley and Sister 1916). The 12 Sept­ember 1568, Robert Tempest of Waddelandes joined his brother Richard in a bond to pay William Lister of Thornton-in-Craven, £300 at Keighley ch: 3 February 1568-9 (Close Ro: [771] 10 Elizabeth pt 15). His father Nicholas Tempest by will, 25 Dec­ember 1570, left Robert, after the death of Nicholas's then wife Isabel, the lands in Tong and Crofton with appurtenances and those in Wakefield and Bradfordale, "which I purchased with my owne goodes". He was also left the lease of Greenhill, Cowpasture, Newclose, the Flatte, and the Edge in Barnoldswick but Robert was to pay £200 to Robert Popelay, "accordinge to a covenant thereof made at the daye of the mariage of the said Robert Popeleye". Robert Tempest was also to share with his


step-mother Isabel the lease of the parsonage of Kirkeby Mal­hamdale, and the moiety of the parsonage of Bradford and the Bradford mill (York Reg.). As his brother Richard disputed their father's right to leave to Robert the rectory of Tonge with its tithe of corn worth vijli xiiis ivd, a farm in Tonge, worth iiili vis viiid; one in Crofton worth ivli viiis viiid; one in Wakefield worth vjli xiis viiid; one in Baildon worth xiiis ivd; and one in Bradford worth iili xs ivd; and claimed one third of the same as heir by descent, Robert paid him a sum of money and 6 February 1570-1 Richard released all his claim (Tong Hall Deeds). The 13 November 1571, Robert Tempest of Wadlands in Calverley, gent., sold for £36 to James Walker of "Ecklesill", clothier, a messuage in Bradford called Bradforde Hall with the Haythegarth, Longcroft and a cottage (Deed lent me 1916 by Mr W.E. Preston of Bradford). At Trinity term 1572, Robert Tempest, esq: and Anne his wife were deforciants in a fine of 2 messuages etc: in Baildon against Robert Baildon (Yorks Fines, vol. 2, p.20). In October 1572, he and Richard Tempest, esq. were deforciants in a fine of 4 meseuages etc: in Thornton to be held at a yearly rent of llb of pepper, John Watmough being plaintiff (Ibid. p.26). The 21 March 19 Elizabeth (1576-7) Robert Tempest of Hesket, gent, was bound in £500 to Robert Popeley of Popeley, to conclude the sale of a messuage in Tonge, with all the tithe of corn etc: in the lordship of Tonge, to said Popeley (Close Ro: No. 102, 19 Elizabeth pt 19). The 9 October 1577, Robert Tempest of Hesket joined his brother Richard in conveying to William Hod­gson of Little Bolling, yeoman a rent of 2s: 8d a year, issuing out of ½ an acre of meadow in Little Bolling, near the Bolling mill Pond (Tempest MSS, Bowling deeds, No. 6, lent 1915 to Bolling Hall Museum, Case H. No. 202). In 1580 he was bound in £220, and next year in £1620 to Edward Oldfield (Close Ro: 22 Elizabeth pt 25, and 23 Elizabeth pt 23). At Michaelmas 1581, he and his wife Anne were deforciants in a fine of the manor of


Wadlands, 8 messuages, 8 cottages and land in Wadlands, Farsley, Pudsey etc: by which Edward Oldfield acquired the Wadlands estates (Yorks Fines, vol. 2, p.171). In 1581, he joined other freeholders of Barnoldswick in a suit as to their costs in defence of their rights of Common against Henry Banaster etc: (Ducat: Lanc: vol. 3, p.118), and 21 May 1582 it was de­creed that the piece of waste claimed by either side, was part of Folrigge manor and not Barnoldswick, therefore Banaster and the other tenants of Folrigge were to enjoy the right of tur­bary thereon (Duc: of Lanc: Draft Decrees, 24 Elizabeth, Eas­ter, No. 30). At Hilary Term 1582-3, Robert Tempest and Anne his wife were deforciants in a fine of a messuage &c. in Horton in Bradfordale, and as Robert Tempest "of Shipley", with his wife Anne & John & Isabel Cordingly was deforciant in another fine of a messuage and cottage also in Horton (Yorks Fines, vol. 2, p.195). By the will of his brother Richard Tempest, 21 February 1582-3, he was left "the household stuffe now beinge at Braycewell" on condition he did not trouble or mo­lest the widow in respect of what was left to her. He was also left one of Richard's best geldings, now at Bracewell. Robert entered a caveat against the will 16 September 1583, and probate was afterwards granted to him and Alexander Rushworth 4 August 1584 (York Reg: vol. 22, fol. 147). The 30 November 1583, Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall, father of Elizabeth Tempest, Richard's widow, was bound in £800 to Robert Tempest of Bracewell esqr that the widow. Elizabeth Tempest, should suffer all lawful acts for revoking Richard Tempest's will, and that she should surrender all obligations etc: belonging to her said late husband, to Robert Tempest at the house of Thomas Wentworth esq:. Thomas and William Wentworth were also bound at the same date in £2000 that Elizabeth should surrender to Robert Tempest all title to his late brother Richard's lands (Close Ro: 26 Elizabeth pt 25). The same date Alexander Rushworth was bound in £800


to Robert Tempest of Bracewell, to be repaid at Michaelmas following, and Robert and Alexander were bound in £400 to Richard Greenacres of the Inner Temple to pay £180, the 8 February 1584-5, Robert to be saved harmless (Ibid.). In 1585, Robert Tempest of Bracewell entered his pedigree and Arms at Glover's Visitation of Yorks, as, Quarterly I Argt a bend be­tween 6 martlets sab: Tempest. II. Ermine, five fusils in fesse gules Hebden. III. Argt a chevron between 3 martlets gu: Wadding­ton. iv. Sable, an escutcheon ermine, within an orle of 8 martlets argt Bollinge (Northern Visita: Coll of Arms, 2 D 5, p. 185). The 9 March 1645-6, Dodsworth noted in Bracewell church, "an escocheon paynted on the wall, bearing Tempest per pale quarterly 8 coats, firste. Tempest. ii. Argt a fesse inter 3 martlets ... for Thorpe, iij, Erm: 5 fuzells in fesse gu. Hebden. iv. Sa. fretty ar. Harrington .v. gu. a \ er Rye .vi. A. a ^ enter 3 martlets gu. Waddington .vii. Sa. on an [shield] Ar. 5 >|< of the first, betwixt 6 martlets of the second, 3 in chief and 3 in base 111 Bollinge. (Mr Tempest saith it is not right here, but is yet in the Gallery at Bollinge) viii. ar. a leopard's head erased, inter 3 bugle horns lyed, sa. Bradford. All these paled with quarterly 1 .sa. 3 Pykaxes, or (for Pigott) ii & Ar. 3. bugle hornes sa (. . . ) iv as i (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 88, fol. 31). The Bolling arms on the painted glass re­moved from Bowling Hall to Copt Hewick Hall in 1825 by Thomas Mason, are Sa. on an escutcheon ar. 3 emmots of the first, within an orle of vii martlets of the second (E.B.T.). The 3 January 1585-6 (28 Elizabeth) Robert Tempest, lord of Bollinge esq: granted William Shirtcliffe of Tiersall, gent. the close lately inclosed from the waste of Bollinge called the Great Intacke, of about 12 acres, at 26s 8d yearly rent, adjoining the highway between Bradford and Pudsey to the N. the highway between Eccleshill and Newall on the E. Partriche hill or Kirkstead, on the S. etc: Also the close called Partriche Hill or Kirksteades of 1 acre a 1s yearly rent, adjoining


the highway between Bollinge Hall and Tiersall on the N. etc:. Also another close lately enclosed from Bollinge waste called New Intacke of six acres, at 6s 8d yearly rent, adjoining the highway between Bollinge Hall and Tiersall on the N. etc. (Copy of deed made 1818 by Thomas Mason of Bowling Hall penes E.B.T.). At Michaelmas, 1586 (29 Elizabeth) George Pygott and Richard Crosbye were plaintiffs in a fine of the manor of Bowlinge, 4 messuages, etc: against Robert Tempest esq: and at the same time Robert conveyed by fine, a messuage in Bowlinge to James Burton and William Shirtclyffe (Yorks Fines, vol. 3, pp.61 & 60). In December 1586, Robert Tempest with Thomas Talbot esq: was prosecuted by the Queen for having gone with their servants, dogs etc: to Bashall park on June 9, last past and coursed 4 stags, and "the said Robert Tempest did shoote at the said stagges with his goune and afterwards coursed the same with his grey hound" also he shot "a great stagge with a goune" upon Wiston cliffe a few days after, and his servants, John Banaster of Waddington and Richard Cordingley also killed deer in the forest of Bowland (Duc: of Lanc: Plead Elizabeth vol. 135, A. 50). In May 1586, Robert Tempest accused Thomas Hodgson of forging a grant of "Lambe close" in Bowlinge from Richard Tempest to his own use, and of stealing divers ancient deeds belonging to Robert. Hodgson replied 7 February 1586-7 denying the forgery and said that after Richard Tempest's death he went to Bollinge Hall, and by the leave of Elizabeth the widow of Richard Tempest and of William Wentworth her brother, on finding certain old Latin Mass books and counterparts of leases cast at a stair foot in a gallery there, being a tailor, he took them to line between the folds of clothes (Star Chamb: Proceed: Elizabeth T. 21, No. 22). In February 1586-7, he sued Richard Sheffield for having forged, or wrongly detained, a deed from his brother Richard Tempest, whereby Robert was defrauded of a messuage etc: of his inheritance in Willesden


(Ibid. T.4, No. 40). Early in 1587, he tried to redeem the manor of Hebden from Randolf, son and heir of Nicholas Bateman, which the 18 December 1572, he had joined his brother Rich­ard in conveying (for mortgage) to said Nicholas Bateman (Chanc: Proceed: Series 2, Bdle 219, No. 12). The 31 October 1599, he and Richard Sheffield conveyed the vill of Willesden to Joseph & Edward Bates (Exch: L.T.R. Memo: Easter, 2 James I, Ro: 126). In November 1591, John Freston of Altoftes co. York, esq:, sued Robert Tempest and 60 others, for various amerciaments on land within the Liberty of the Duchy of Lan­caster, north of the Trent (Duc: of Lanc: Plead: 33 Eliza­beth, vol. 157, F. No. 9). He denied holding the manor of Broughton, or land there, nor a messuage called Cuck low, or any land in Wilsden. Also that he was not possessed of the "Balwicks" of Wakefield and Halifax under the Great Seal, which had passed from him; neither does he owe amerciaments or fines to the Duchy as claimed (Ibid. vol. 210, F. No. 14). At Easter 1592, Robert Tempest, with Sir Thomas Fairfax knt, sen­ior, and others, was plaintiff in a fine of land etc: in Hamblethorpe, Birstall, Tonge etc: against Chris: Popley (Yorks Fines, vol. 3, p.170). As bailiff of the Liberty of Bradford, in 1592, he prosecuted Thomas Sagar and others for infringing the manorial rights (Ducat: Lanc: vol. 3, p.317). The 25 June 1592, Robert Tempest of Bracewell surrendered the lease of Bradford rectory, and on paying £100 received a fresh demise for 21 years at £50 a year (Duc: of Lanc: Leases, No. 36, Liber 29-37, Elizabeth fol. 154). At Easter 1595, he and his wife Anne were deforciants in a fine of 2 messuag­es, etc:, in Shipley, Thomas Grene & wife plaintiffs (Yorks Fines, vol. 4, p.27). In February 1595-6, the lands and meadows in Bowling and Tong, formerly belonging to Kirkstall Abbey, which had been held by Sir Richard Tempest knt and lately by Robert Tempest were demised by the Queen to Jerome


Stanley (Pat: Ro: 39 Elizabeth pt 6, m. 6 [35]). In 1598 he was appointed Constable to collect £70 in Staincliffe and Yewcrosse towards the £400 for Hull and York Ships and was a J.P. in June 1598 and July 1599 (W.R. Session Ro: vol. 3, Yorks Rec: Soc: pp.72, 88 & 152). In January 1599-1600, John Roodes, executor to Justice Francis Roodes sued him as to £50 a year out of Bowling settled on the Justice on Richard Tem­pest's marriage 1 November 1586, Robert Tempest's estates said to be a thousand a year (Chanc: B & A before 1714, Mit­ford, Bdle 4, No. 20). In October 1600, he and his son Rich­ard were deforciants in a fine of land in Bracewell, Thomas Walmesley, Justice of the queen's bench etc: plaintiffs (Yorks Fines, vol. 4, p.156). His Inq: p.m. taken at York, 18 March 1601-2 found he died seized of the manors of Bracewell, Wadd­ington, Bolling, Essington and Thornton, with messuages, lands and rents in those vills and in Stock-in-Craven, Bradford, Horton, Allerton, Wilsden, Clayton and Oxnopp, the moiety of the manor of Hainsworth with land, and 408 rent in Broughton (in Craven). He died 6 November 1601, his son Richard being his heir, aged 26 years and more (Chanc: Inq: p.m., 44 Eliza­beth Ser: ij, vol. 267, No. 6 etc.). A caveat was entered at York, 10 November 1601, by his son Richard against this will and by his widow Anne Tempest 26 November 1601 (York Reg:), but no will has yet been found (E.B.T. 1917). Robert Tempest (159) married Anne (160) daughter of Bartholomew Pigott of Aston Rowen, co. Oxford esq: by his wife Julyan, daughter of Thomas Lenthall of Lachford, co. Oxon, esq., (Visita: of Oxfords, 1574 sub Pigott & Visit: of Yorks 1584-5, sub Tempest, & Harl: MSS 1420, fol. 194). Wed before 25 Dec. 1570 when Nicholas Tempest left "my doughter in lawe Robert Tempests wife my black amblynge nagge that was Rowland Ands" (York Reg:). In June 1572 she joined her husband in a fine of land in Baildon (Yorks Fines, vol. 2, p. 20), and at Michaelmas 1581 in one of the manor of Wadlands &c. & in January 1582-3 in one of land etc. in Horton


and Bradfordale (Ibid. pp.171 & 195). In October 1585, her brother George Pigott was plaintiff against her husband in a fine of the manor of Bolling and land in Bradford (Ibid: vol. 3, p.61). "Mrs Tempest of Bracewell" was godmother to Lady Anne Clifford (afterwards countess of Pembroke) 22 February 1589-90, at Skipton castle (Inf: Dr. Geo: Williamson, Lit: D. 10 January 1917). Her arms empaled with her husbands, painted in Bracewell ch: were quarterly, 1 & 4, sable three pickaxes or, 2 & 3, argt, 3 bugle horns sa. (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 88, fol. 31). The Pigott arms, Sa. 3 pickaxes or, were on the painted glass removed 1825 from Bowling Hall to Copt Hewick Hall (seen by E.B.T.). The 26 November 1601, she entered a caveat against her husband's will (York Reg:) "Anne, old Mistress Tempest" buried at Bracewell 19 January 1612-13 (Par: Reg:). Robert (159) and Anne (160) had issue  

i. Sir Richard Tempest (167) see below XVII

ii. Anne (169) daughter of Robert Tempest dead before

1585 (Harl: MSS, 1420, fol. 194, Visita: of Yorks 1585).
XVII. Sir Richard Tempest (167) of Bracewell, Waddington and Bollinge, knight, born about 1575, aged 10 years in 1585, and 26 years and more in November 1601 (Glover's Visita: of Yorks, 1584-5, Harl: MSS, 1420, fol. 194 and his father's Inq: p.m.). By indenture 1 November 1585 (28 Elizabeth) his marriage was arranged between his father and Francis Roodes (or Rhodes) late justice of the Common Pleas, with Elizabeth the daughter of the said Francis Roodes, the manor of Bowling was to be conveyed to feoffees to the yearly value of £145 to secure her jointure and after the marriage was solemnized £100 a year was to be settled on Elizabeth for life after the death of Robert Tempest, Anne his wife, Richard Tempest the son and Elizabeth widow of Richard Tempest (Lady Savile). Her fortune was 1000 marks, Robert Tempest to give Francis Roodes £50 a year till the couple were wed. The marriage took place "within two months

Of Bracewell, to sending of Waddington tithe, 20 Jan’y 1601/2


before" Easter 1590 (February 1589-90) (Chanc: B & A, before 1714, Mitford, Bdle 4, No. 20, Tempest v. Roodes). The 1 October 33 Elizabeth (1591) Richard Greenacres of Worston Co. Lanc. gent. conveyed to Richard, son and heir of Robert Tempest of Bracewell in Craven esq. the tithes of Waddington, parcel of the rectory of Mitton, and the donation of the vic­arage or chapel of Waddington, charged with 26s. 3d. yearly to the vicar out of the same (Exch: L.T.R. Memo: Recorda, Hil: 45 Elizabeth, Ro: 57d), and 33s. 4d was paid 2 September, 34 Elizabeth, for the licence of alienation (Pat. Ro: [1292], 34 Elizabeth pt. 13, m.35). The 4 October 1599, Richard Tempest was acting as a Justice of the Peace at Wakefield, the 29 July 1600, at Skipton, 30 September 1600 at Wakefield, 8 June 1601 at Leeds and 21 July 1601 at Bradford (Yorks Rec: Soc: Vol. III, Session Ro: W.R.Y. pp. 164, 180, 182, 184 & 194). In April 1600, Richard Tempest and Elizabeth his wife, etc: were deforciants in a fine of 3 messuages in Bolling & Horton, Paul Rawson being plaintiff (Yorks Fines, Vol. 4, p.141). At Michaelmas 1600, he and his father were deforciants in a fine of land in Bracewell against Thomas Walmesley, Jus­tice of the Queen's Bench and John Savile, Baron of the Ex­chequer (husbd to Elizabeth Tempest widow) (Ibid: p.156). In 1601 he was a Treasurer for the Fund for Lame Soldiers in the W.R. Yorks (Lansdowne MSS. 865, fol. 158). In November 1601 he succeeded to the family estates on the death of his father, being aged 26 years and more (His father's Inq: p.m.). The 20 January 1601-2 (44 Elizabeth) Richard Tempest of Bracewell esq:, reciting an agreement he made in February 1597-8, con­veyed to John Banaster of Waddington for £290, the tithes and advowson of Waddington, which were lately in the tenure of Robert Tempest his father, and which was part of the rectory of Mitton and had belonged to the dissolved Abbey of Cockersand and which the said Richard Tempest had of the grant of


Richard Greenacres of Worston. The next presentation to the chapel is excepted, as it had already been granted by one John Burgone to John Savile esq. The charges, or out goings were 28s. 6d. to the curate of Waddington, 28s. 9 1/2d. rent to the Queen and 4s. 4d. yearly to the rector of Mitton (Tempest MSS, Box viij, Bdle 2, Waddington deeds, No. 6). The licence for alienation of the same dated 1 January 1601-2 (Exch. L.T. R. Memo: Repertory Case 3, No. 23). Early in 1603, Richard Tempest was called upon to show his title to the tithes and advowson of Waddington, which he did, quoting Greenacre's grant and the Queen's licence to alienate to him (Exch: L.T.R. Memo: Recorda, Hil: 45 Elizabeth,Ro: 57d). He was knighted early in July 1603, by king James, at Sir George Fermor's house at Easton Neston (Harl: MSS, 1959, fol. 16 N.B. wrongly called Ralph in the list). In March 1603-4, he paid 56s. to the Lay Subsidy on £21 worth of lands in Bracewell (W.R. Subsidies 209/309). Sir Richard Tempest was on the Commission against Recusants from May 1600 to September 1605 (Recusant Rolls Ebor. Nos 9 to 17). By writ of the Exchequer 13 February 1603-4, Sir Richard Tempest knt, son and heir of Robert Tempest esq., deceased, was called upon to show his title to divers messuag­es etc: in Willesden and Bradford etc: which Thomas Wentworth and others lately had by the gift of Sir John Tempest knt, without the king's licence, and he was further ordered to do homage and fealty for the manor of Bollinge, which was held of the Duchy of Lancaster. At Easter 1604, he came and proved his title to these and to the manor of Waddington, a moiety of the manor of Essyngton, the manor of Bollinge and that of Thornton with the moiety of the manor of Haynesworth etc: quot­ing many documents in proof and all held of the king. He also showed that the king had the 9 February 1603-4 released to him the said Richard Tempest of Bracewell, knt., all man­ner of offences done or had before 20 March 45 Elizabeth (1602-3), by the said Richard Tempest or any of his ancestors,


and he was relieved of all fines etc: allowed entry and discharged (Exch: L.T.R. Memo: Easter, 2 James 1, Roll 126). The 27 July 1604, Sir Richard Tempest of Bollinge knt gran­ted to John Lacy of Cromwelbotham esq., and other freeholders of Thornton, common of pasture and turbary for their hold­ings in the moor and commons of Thornton (in Bradfordale) then lying open (Tempest MSS, Box viij, Bdle 4, Bowling deeds, No. 7). The 17 Feb. 1606-7, he surrendered the lease of Bradford rectory granted 25 June 1592, and received a fresh one for 40 years at £50 a year 28 April 5 James 1 (Duc: of Lanc: Misscell: Bks, vol. 25, fol. 25, & Pat. Ro: 5 James 1, pt. 16, m.22). The 30 March 1609, he granted 2 acres of Bowling waste land to Walter Blagbrooke of Northsyde in Bowling, draper, at 6s. 8d. yearly rent &c. (Bowling deeds, No. 8). The 23 May 1609, he granted to Paul Rawson of Bradford, tan­ner, parcels of the Bowling waste and 8 December 1609, a rood of the same to Henry Cordingley, clothier (Copies of original deeds by Thomas Mason 1818). In August 1610, he held 3 water corn mills belonging to the Crown in East Bradford near Clith­eroe (Chetham Soc: [O.S.] vol. 14, p.26 note). In March 1612, he granted 1/2 an acre of Bowling waste to Mary, daughter of John Naylor of Moorside at 3s. 4d. rental (Copy of deed by Thomas Mason 1818). The 22 March 12 James 1 (1614-15) Anne Pigott, daughter of George Pigott late of Heskett, de­ceased, conveyed to Sir Richard Tempest of Bollinge knt., for £40.15.0, a messuage in Bollinge and a parcel of ground called the Park Layne of about 2 acres, abutting on Bollinge Hall Park to the East, and the highway between Halifax and Leeds on the south etc: with all right and title she may have in the same and which Sir Richard Tempest bought of her brother Bartholomew Pigott. Sir Richard seals with a grif­fins head erased, the motto, "Loywf as thow fynde" around (Tempest MSS. Bowling deeds, No. 9, lent 1915 to the Bolling Hall Museum, Case H. No. 204). In November 1616, Sir Rich 

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